Black-suit Spider-Man! We gotta have these, Jonah.
―Robbie Robertson [src]

Joseph "Robbie" Robertson is the editor of the Daily Bugle.

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Spider-Man Edit

He is present in Jameson's office when Peter Parker is employed as a free-lance photographer and the publisher agrees to buy his photos of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 2 Edit

When Otto Octavius is victim of a lab incident and goes mad in the city with his mechanical tentacles, Jameson of the Daily Bugle wants to find a name for the new super menace of New York City, with Robertson assisting Ted Hoffman in his tries. After a brief discussion, the publisher decides for "Doctor Octopus".

Robbie is later seen at the wedding of John Jameson and Mary Jane Watson, which is later canceled for the bride's assence.

Spider-Man 3 Edit

Robertson keeps working at the Daily Bugle with Jameson, and participates to Eddie Brock's employment as a substitute of Peter Parker. When the latter, anyway, proves that Brock's photo was a fake, Robertson and Jameson fire Brock.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although he just has small cameos in the films, Robbie Robertson is one of the most important characters in the Spider-Mancontinuity, one of Peter Parker's best friends and Spider-Man's most loyal supporters.
  • In the comics, Robbie was formerly apart of "Front Line"; a newspaper place and went on to the Daily Bugle.