Don't hurt me, just give me a chance, just give me a chance...
―Dennis Carradine[src]

Dennis Carradine was the criminal who was thought to have killed Uncle Ben and made Peter Parker become Spider-Man.

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Spider-Man Edit

Dennis Carradine was a robber who steals money from a fight promoter, the same who gave job to Peter Parker. Since the promoter cheated Parker out of money, the boy doesn't stop the criminal, who thanks him while escaping. Searching for a car for the escape, Carradine is assumed to be the one who kills Ben Parker. Having stolen his car, Carradine can make an escape, but he's followed and caught by Spider-Man in a warehouse. During the fight, Peter recognizes him as the same man he let go, and understands the meaning of responsibilities. The robber tries to take a chance of Spider-Man's confusion, but misses and falls out of a window, meeting his end.

Spider-Man 2 Edit

Two years later after his own demise, Peter finally came out with the truth of Uncle Ben's killer to Aunt May.

Spider-Man 3 Edit

Captain George Stacy finds out that Carradine had actually a partner, Flint Marko, and believes that he is the real killer of Ben Parker. When Peter Parker acknowledges it, he starts to feel an unusual sympathy for Carradine, imagining him trying to stop Marko from killing Ben. However, Marko reveals that he shot Ben by mistake, while Carradine was distracting him for having his car. Scared for the assassination, Carradine fleed, leaving Marko behind.

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Carradine was a small time criminal, coward and opportunistic. He doesn't seem to be particularly skilled in anything.

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  • In the comics, the man who killed Uncle Ben is simply known as The Burglar.

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